Creating an EMEIA distribution model for medical devices out of Ireland
As part of its post Brexit strategy a leading US medical device company engaged with Titan to design, implement and operate a new distribution model for EMEIA including manufacturing out of Ireland. By working with Titan to create a single regional operating model based on supply chain best practices, and Ireland’s position as a gateway to Europe, the company is continuing to boost both sales and overall customer service performance beyond expectations.
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At A Glance

  • Full turnkey sourcing, procurement and manufacturing out of Ireland.
  • Distribution to hospitals, pharmacies and doctor clinics throughout EMEIA.
  • API integration between Titan and customer systems.
  • Management of clinical sample returns to the USA from the field.

The Situation

The company’s engaged Titan to maintain an EU presence Post-Brexit.

Through its new Titan distribution model with improved efficiency and customer service levels, the company has been able to grow market share in the region on the strength of a more flexible, responsive and cost-competitive distribution network.

Our Approach

With an understanding of the company’s ambitions and the challenges posed by its current operating model, the Titan team worked with company supply chain executives to:


  • Conduct an extensive diagnostic focused on understanding the status quo in each of the company’s key EMEIA markets, including the unique regulatory environments and customer needs. This effort helped determine how the company should organise its operations in Europe to accelerate growth.
  • Lead workshops with key stakeholders from the US and Europe to facilitate discussions of how business is done and how functions and activities should be owned and shared.
  • Help design operating procedures, relying upon Titan’s deep medical industry and supply chain expertise and systems to establish alignment among regional teams, mitigate expected risks and maintain focus on goals.
  • Run a program management office to facilitate meetings on both sides of the Atlantic to review initial proposals, arrange site visits and plan roll-out to the company markets.

Titan Solution

  • Create a regional distribution network connecting US and European operating systems to customer markets.
  • Apply new business rules to synchronise inventory and finished goods availability with supply and demand using inventory optimisation tools and techniques.
  • Set up operating systems to maintain control over lot numbers and expiry dates while also providing complete end-to-end visibility via track and track.
  • Leverage Titan shared services functions for work that could be scaled across the regions including freight administration using Titan multi-carrier carrier eco-system and technology.
  • Develop a customised freight administration and invoicing process to simplify the management of clinical returns from the field to the USA.
  • Setup and operate the entire network within a fully integrated ERP-WMS-TMS and BI Systems environment.

Titan Results

With approval from executives within the medical device company, Titan setup the new distribution model, operating a project management office that helped support the transition. Once fully implemented, the new model under Titan control showed immediate results:


  • Increased company revenues throughout EMEIA.
  • Reduced bill of material cost though global sourcing and procurement.
  • Reduced freight costs due to Titan strategic freight carrier relationships and advanced multi-carrier TMS for improved decision making and visibility.
  • Reduce warehousing and related costs due to a flexible workforce operating model.
  • Simplified and shortened supply chain for reduced complexity and improved end customer service experience.
  • The Titan model has established the foundation for the US company to scale and increase market share in EMEIA, with the prospect of significant additional value across other product lines and regions.

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