Titan Solutions Proposal for US Distribution Program

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Table of Contents


1. Cover note


2. Disclaimer

3. Company Overview

4. Implementation Plans and Timeline

5. Pricing Matrix


6. Distribution Partner Questions Response Section

7. Your Titan Contact

8. Appendix

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1. Cover Note

Dear Daniel,

Titan Solutions appreciates the opportunity to participate in the RFP program for Warehousing and Logistics Services for It Works! in the USA.  The communications and feedback from It Works! since the RFP has been issued have been very helpful and appreciated.  We are confident that Titan Solutions is well positioned to build on our successful support of It Works!’ fulfillment requirements in Europe to enhance the company’s logistics support in the USA.

This proposal has been developed to directly address all requirements and specific questions outlined in the RFP.  Our expectations, however, include expanding our support of what the RFP has detailed to include additional value-added services that will enhance It Works’ ability to enhance their customer and partner experience while leveraging data for enhanced decision making for business performance optimization.  We look forward to the Vendor Follow-Up phase of the RFP process to explore these considerations.

As a dynamic and flexible 4PL solutions provider, Titan Solutions has an expansive network of warehousing options to ensure that the SLAs outlined by It Works! are met.  Beyond that, however, we look to strategically position inventory in the minimum number of locations necessary to meet SLAs but also minimize the company’s investment in inventory.   This will require close collaboration with the It Works! supply chain management team, similar to what we have been able develop in Europe.

Tightly integrated and transparent utilization of data will remain central to Titan Solutions’ support of It Works!.  The ability to tie data from carriers to in-house WMS platforms in a single-view control tower has long been a differentiator for Titan Solutions.  As discussed in an earlier call, we look forward to demonstrating this to the Supply Chain Management team at It Works! in the USA.

We understand that the needs of It Works! in the USA have specific and unique realities beyond our experience in Europe.  Fortunately, country specific data and projections have been shared by It Works! and analyzed by Titan Solutions.   We envision applying a detailed data-led project planning process to ensure a smooth transition to our support of It Works! in the USA.

Titan Solutions is excited about expanding our relationship with It Works! to the USA.  We remain confident that our ability to quickly and efficiently establish a new level of logistics support for It Works! will exceed expectations.


Rob Rae

Director of Business Development – North America

(610) 389-7559


2. Disclaimer

settings iconConfidentiality

The information contained herein is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and is confidential and subject to a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement. Any review, re-transmission, dissemination, or other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon, this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. If you received this in error, please contact the sender and delete the material from any computer.


This proposal represents Titan Solutions’ best judgment for a service solution that is in the best interest of and greatest benefit to It Works!. Except where otherwise noted, this proposal incorporates and supersedes all previous discussions and/or documents that may have been submitted in conjunction with the services proposed herein.

The services and any associated pricing provided within this proposal are valid for 90 calendar days starting from and including Monday, 31st May 2021.

This proposal is not binding on either party. The parties agree that a contract will be negotiated and agreed upon in writing before the commencement of any proposed services.

Errors and Omissions Excepted

While every care has been taken in the preparation of this document, Titan reserves the right to change, alter, or withdraw this offer.

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3. Company Overview

In 2019, Titan Solutions oversaw the transfer and setup of It Works! European fulfilment and distribution services from a UK based service partner to the Titan network, operating out of the Netherlands. This transfer and onboarding project was completed inside twelve (12) weeks. Recently the Netherlands site commenced servicing the Nordic countries following a successful program of systems and warehouse reconfiguration, as well as introducing an additional Titan carrier to the service model. By virtue of this experience in Europe and capacity to scale within its USA network, Titan provides a compelling low risk alternative to the incumbent and other potential service partners.

Titan Solutions is a global 4PL leader that partners with its customers, including It Works!, to optimize supply chain management, enhance order fulfillment performance and leverage the power of data to support business decisions. The company is celebrating its 10th year in business, evolving from its roots as an innovative transportation management company to a full-service digital supply chain transformation leader.

Titan Solutions’ capabilities are built on three primary digital economy foundations: People, Process & Technology. Each of these elements at Titan complements each other, seamlessly integrate with customers’ operations, and support the company’s focus on transformational digital supply chain management.

  • People – Titan’s team of talented professionals draw from industry experiences in logistics, manufacturing, and professional services. Working collaboratively with our partners to solve customer problems, Titan’s employees have developed deep industry and supply chain expertise that contributes to the unique and flexible solutions that are delivered. Thought leadership from Titan has been acknowledged through several industry publications (see Appendix A).
  • Process – Managing large global supply chain projects to aggressive timelines requires structured processes that scale and operate to consistently high standards of performance has created a more demanding, social media savvy and better-informed consumer. Titan’s Project Management Office oversees customer program planning and rollouts across our global network of ecommerce specialist carriers and fulfilment partners.
  • Technology – Titan has assumed a leadership role in digital supply chain management, leveraging its three core technology pillars: TMS, WMS and data analytics. Every aspect of Titan’s technology strategy is based on ease of integration and accessibility. Details of each of these technology segments are covered in this proposal and will remain a key differentiator for Titan within the broader supply chain logistics industry. Our accumulated knowledge of It Works! systems and established working relationship with It Works! IT department is an advantage.
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3.1 Key Differentiators

As It Works! reviews options for the next phase of its eCommerce infrastructure in the USA, a number of key differentiators will become apparent in regard to Titan Solutions’ position as a partner.

1. Familiarity with It Works!
Titan Solutions has been managing the fulfillment operations for It Works! in Central Europe since 2019 and recently expanded this coverage into the Nordic region as of May this year. This experience has allowed Titan Solutions to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with It Works! as both companies learn from each other, collaboratively adding value to the entire program. A number of strategic initiatives are currently being evaluated to drive further cost competitiveness and service responsiveness across the network.

2. Flexible & Responsive Solutions
As a 4PL company, Titan Solutions is not bound to an existing warehouse infrastructure or requires a large capital investment to set up new resources when needs arise. By partnering with a network of ecommerce fulfilment partners and carriers. Titan can quickly adapt to changes that a dynamic eCommerce market presents. It Works! saw first-hand how this is accomplished when the launch in Europe went live inside of twelve weeks.

3. Digital Transformation
The ability to capture, integrate and analyze data is clearly a key differentiator for Titan Solutions and a topic of intense focus as we deploy further enhancements in Europe. Presenting real-time information about all of It Works!’ products, whether in a warehouse or in transit to a client should be a bare minimum expectation. Titan can build on this digitization to present analytics for It Works!’ management to help guide decisions regarding infrastructure, industry performance comparisons and network design. Access to this data is presented in a control tower format to further enhance It Works!’ ability to leverage the information available to them.

4. Global Coverage
Titan Solutions has demonstrated the ability to provide global coverage for It Works! starting in Europe and now expanding into considerations for North America. As consumer preference continue to shape supply chain requirements and capabilities, Titan Solutions has the capabilities to quickly establish support in Europe, the Americas and Asia regions. Furthermore, Titan can integrate data from separate operational regions into a single consolidated point of view to enhance management’s ability to meet evolving global consumer preferences.

    3.2 Proposed Solution – Approach & Rationale

    Titan Solutions’ approach to supporting the eCommerce fulfillment infrastructure for It Works! in the USA will mirror much of what has been developed in support of the company’s European operations.  Data integrations, workflows, communications, and project management disciplines will closely align with what is already in place in Europe as will packout line configuration and headcount models.  Titan recognizes that the USA market has its own specific set of requirements for which it is uniquely positioned to support with the same level of performance and efficiency as in Europe.

    Titan Solutions is equipped and positioned to replicate and scale its current European fulfilment model to match the number of SKUs, order volumes and customer demand profiles.  Titan’s technology base has been developed with transparency and scale at its core and is well suited to support It Works! business profile in the USA.

    The strategic location of inventory involves a delicate balancing act between service responsiveness, operating cost and working capital (mostly inventory) and how best to optimize for each separately and together.  Titan has developed a network of ecommerce partners that optimizes the inventory allocation in support of It Works! in the USA.   Decisions regarding inventory levels and locations are based on data analytics applied across our wide network of partners in determining the optimal network design.

    While equipped to replicate the current four (4) site model, Titan is veering in favor of a two-site model to provide timely and cost-effective access to both east and west coast consumers. The wide-ranging considerations and resulting tradeoffs are complex and difficult to articulate within this document without introducing a high degree of debate and possible confusion. Therefore, Titan Solutions respectfully suggest a follow up call to outline our approach, thinking and modelling before sharing details in written form. 

    Ultimately, the approach proposed by Titan Solutions has been developed with a view toward collectively supporting the consumer journey and experience delivered by It Works!.  This will be achieved with a flexible and responsive design model supported by open, integrated technology that enables data-driven decision making by both Titan Solutions and It Works!.

      Digital Supply Chain Technology

      4. Implementation Plans and Timeline

      Titan Solutions propose to follow the same planning and on-boarding model used in Europe. While this model is typically deployed inside a twelve (12) week cycle, we will require an opportunity to discuss how we propose to stagger the sites to achieve a smooth transition of the business to our network. Titan Project Management Office (PMO) will execute all activities associated with any It Works!’ project in a manner that is efficient, consistent, and standardized.

      • IT implementation
        Titan Solutions has experience with and fully understands It Works! IT Integration standards and requirements based upon the European distribution solution. This includes central Europe and most recently going live in the Nordic region. Titan Solutions anticipates a similar systems timeline integration of 12 weeks as per our recent experience with the EU and Nordics projects. However, Titan Solutions see a need for a detailed conversation on bringing on the proposed sites in sequence rather than starting with both at the same time i.e., operate a staggered deployment. Below is Titan’s integration methodology:

      o Plan – This phase includes project kick off, define project teams, establish the milestone plan, test plan approach, training plan approach, rollout plan, communication plan, conduct initial risk assessment, define project specification document, acceptance criteria and hypercare approach.

      o Design – The second phase includes workshops to define optimized engagement of people, process, and the technology. It defines integration requirements and paper maps, define master data for onboarding, finalize project plan, rollout plan, test plan and training plan.

      o Build / Configure – Upload and configuration of the system master data, development of approved additional functionality, build release and deploy to QA and Test.

      o Test – Testing Phase includes QA testing, System Integration Testing (SIT), User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Knowledge Transfer and Training.

      o Deploy – The final phase includes rollout planning, cut-over plans, Deploy to Production, Connectivity testing, Go / No Go, hypercare and handover.

      • Fulfillment implementation
        The overall project/fulfilment implementation will deploy similar project management methodology, tools and processes as outlined above for the IT Integration; Plan, Design, Configure, Test and Deploy.
      • Transportation implementation
        Titan Solutions has direct access to US and a global Integrated Carrier network through a single interface with options to expand the service to include Customer nominated carriers.
      • Billing implementation
        Titan Solutions is familiar with It Works! billing set up through our experience with the EU and Nordics and can work through any specifics for the US entity should this become apparent within project implementation.
      • Contingency plans
        A significant piece of the implementation plan will be to de-risk a cutover from the incumbent to Titan Solutions. This will be addressed as a key element of the Project Plan through a series of gates that provide for Go / No Go decisions.
      • Cut-over planning
        A detailed cut-over plan will be agreed upon and documented within the Project Plan.
      • Please ensure all integration fees are incorporated within the pricing matrix
        Titan Solutions’ commercial model outlined as part of our response includes all integration fees and other associate non-recurring expenses (NREs).
      • Outline of resources/requirements you would expect from It Works!
        At the planned phase of implementation methodology, Titan Solutions will set out a peer-to-peer resource planning matrix which will identify the resources required within both teams to support a successful implementation as was done with the transfer of the business to Titan Solutions European network. The Project Plan will assign each of the actions, owners, and associated timelines for each of the team members from Planning through to Deployment. Titan Solutions propose to follow the same model used in bringing up the Netherlands fulfilment center in Europe. This involved a series of workstreams with workstream leaders covering commercial, IT, warehousing, and human resources. Titan will assign a dedicated team to work with It Works! to deliver and achieve the committed Go Live timeframe.

      Sample onboarding template (workstreams)

      Sample Workstream as used in European Deployment Program

      5. Pricing Matrix

      5.1 Freight Pricing

      5.2 Warehouse Pricing

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      6. Distribution Partner Questions Response Section

      6.1 Capacity, Hours of Operation, Holiday Schedule

      1. How many customers do you currently have?
      Titan Solutions currently works with over 100 customers.

      2. What is your volume of orders per day?
      Titan Solutions order volume ranges from 100-25000 SKUs across a diverse customer and product portfolio.

      3. What is your operation schedule?
      Titan Solutions operations will align to It Works! requirements, recognizing the unique nature of Autoship.

      4. What is your holiday schedule?
      Titan Solutions observe regional public holiday schedule however, we can accommodate and support It Works! requirements

      5. Are you able to work additional shifts, weekends, and holidays?
      Titan Solutions can accommodate It Works! additional needs including working extra shifts, weekends, and holidays as we have demonstrated within Europe.

      6. Do you have a premium for working off hours? If so, what is it?
      Yes, Titan Solutions provide premium working off hours. However, this is to be confirmed after It Works! requirements are defined.

      6.2 Order Fulfillment

      1. How are orders processed? Explain.
      Orders are captured through API integration from It Works! system to Titan Solutions WMS. Orders are processed in Titan Solutions warehouse which includes pick, pack, and dispatch services.

      2. Are orders batched? If so, please explain.
      Order requirements are controlled by It Works! system. Titan Solutions are flexible to accommodate system requirements i.e., time zones, order batches, etc.

      3. How do you handle lot control?
      Lot control is managed on Titan Solutions WMS where certain lots can be put on hold, etc. as per It Works! needs and requirements. In addition, Titan Solutions has the capabilities to offer lot control to medical device standards.

      4. Will you be able to accommodate FEFO and FIFO inventory rotation?
      Yes, all managed through the WMS.

      5. How do you handle multiple carriers?
      Titan Solutions manages through an integrated multi-carrier TMS displayed in a single dashboard Titan Solutions large network of carriers provides the capability to switch carriers at last minute in response to business needs (e.g., COVID-19 crisis).

      6. What is your order cut-off time for same day fulfillment?
      To be discussed and agreed. Titan Solutions can accommodate most requirements depending upon locations to be finalized.

      7. Can you explain quality checks within the fulfillment process?
      Titan Solutions’ capabilities range from bullet-proof fulfilment where all products are barcoded through a sliding scale to accommodate products that are not barcoded. In the case of the former, the system maintains control whereas in the latter Titan Solutions accommodates manual checks.

      8. What is your backorder process?
      Backorders are processed once material is provided unless stated otherwise by It Works!.

      9. Do you have a hold order process?
      Yes, orders are placed on hold within the WMS and are available to be picked when necessary.

      6.3 Staffing & Warehouse Management Technology

      1. What WMS (Warehouse Management System) do you use?
      Titan Solutions partners are selected on availability of an enterprise grade, tier 1 WMS capability. Unlike Europe where we connected It Works! system directly into the WMS, we propose using middleware for the US which will replicate the connection with It Works! on one side, while enabling multi-site operations thorough a single point of integration with It Works!

      2. Is there a UI (User Interface) into the WMS?
      Yes, this is provided as standard functionality and can be tailored to It Works! US specific requirements. Titan Solutions’ preference is to provide all information required through the integrated dashboard for ease of access, speed of decision-making, and ease of interpretation, use and sharing.

      3. If yes, what does the UI provide? (Inventory, Reporting, etc.) Can these reports be sent daily on a schedule?
      Titan Solutions can provide all relevant information relating to inventory, fulfillment, and distribution of products in real-time. Titan Solutions will provide all necessary training in use of the technology platform and will provide technical support in the design of the dashboard for It Works! US requirements.

      4. Will we have high visibility into distribution processes? (Detail of where each order is within fulfillment process)
      Yes, same as above.

      5. Can we receive a daily summary of all orders and order statuses?
      Yes, a daily summary is standard functionality within Titan Solutions systems. It will be presented through the dashboard on a real-time basis.

      6. What TMS (Transportation Management System) do you use?
      Titan Multi-Carrier TMS, it operates a paperless system between the warehouse and final delivery to consumer with all associated Track & Trace functionality and timestamps available to It Works! on a real-time basis.

      6.4 Storage

      1. How do you charge for storage?
      Titan Solutions pricing is similar to the European model and are open to accommodate requests upon further discussion.

      2. Is storage included in pricing model (please define what the footprint is)?
      Yes, storage will be included within the pricing model. Titan Solutions are uniquely positioned to meet the total storage space through a combination of facility options. After analyzing the information provided by It Works!, Titan Solutions believe two locations to be adequate to meet the stated requirements. There is also a basis for discussion as to how Titan Solutions proposes to scale the business across both sites to minimize business interruption risk to It Works! US operations.

      3. Do you have any restrictions on storage?
      Based on the stated volumes, Titan Solutions do not foresee any storage restrictions.

      4. Is your facility temp controlled?
      Temperature control functionality available.

      5. Is there a limit to the amount of time that you will store goods for the program?
      No however, Titan Solutions would need to agree what that term is likely to be. Titan will be proactive in pinpointing slow moving inventory for disposition.

      6.5 Receiving

      1. What are your receiving requirements?
      Titan Solutions provides standard ASN for all inbound/receiving requirements.
      o Titan will receive goods against the PO, confirm receipt and report discrepancies, where appropriate.
      o Titan will operate receiving process quality control procedures.
      o Titan will provide a range of value-add services, such as re-work, re-packaging, re-labelling as may be required from time to time.
      o When necessary, Titan will sometimes report weights and dimension information to It Works! on some products.
      o Titan can also support inter-site inventory transfers as may be required from time to time.

      2. What is your receiving procedure?
      Titan Solutions provides various procedures as per client SLA. Normally, Titan performs a visual and paperwork check of the goods inbound recording any expectations and flagging these to It Works! with accompanying photographs. Titan support land, sea and air modes of incoming transportation including all container formats including cartons, cases, pallets, and containers.

      3. What is your receipt notification process?
      Titan Solutions’ receipt notification process is covered by ASN/PO alerts. Titan will receive goods against the PO, confirm receipt and report discrepancies, where appropriate.

      4. What is your process for load discrepancies and/or damages?
      Titan Solutions sends a non-conformance report to client for all variances/damages including photographic evidence.
      o All goods are verified at reception and separated by lot code/revision and expiration date and put away appropriately.
      o Inventory is stored in accordance with First Expiry First Out (FEFO) Inventory Management practices.
      o Unless refused or returned to vendor, all discrepant goods within the warehouse are held in quarantine until a disposition instruction is received from It Works!

      6.6 Quality & Regulatory Compliance

      1. Do you have a valid FDA Food Facility Registration? If Yes, please provide the following for all locations under the scope of this proposal – Facility Name, Facility Address, Facility Registration Number.
      Titan Solutions have several facility options available and will advise all relevant registrations upon final confirmation of the network design. The design process is envisioned to be collaborative with It Works!, ensuring all required registrations are in place while optimizing cost and service performance.

      2. Is your facility registered to an accredited quality / food safety management system e.g. 21CFR111, FCCS22000, ISO etc.? If YES, please provide details including a copy of the latest certificate.
      Titan Solutions have several facility options available and will advise all relevant registrations upon final confirmation of the network design. The design process is envisioned to be collaborative with It Works!, ensuring all required registrations are in place while optimizing cost and service performance.

      3. Do you have personnel specifically responsible for Quality? If YES, please provide an organizational chart showing these positions.
      Titan Solutions has a dedicated quality function providing regulatory and operational compliance oversight to the network of partners. This function provides direction to quality teams at the respective fulfilment locations to ensure strict compliance to It Works! stated requirements.

      4. Do you have a personnel training program? If YES, please provide details of your training program, training records, and including any applicable procedures.
      Yes, Titan Solutions training program complies with ISO9001:2015.

      5. Do you have a process / system to ensure lot (batch) traceability from receipt of product in the warehouse to the shipment of the product to the end consumer? If YES, please provide details of your lot traceability program, records maintained, and include applicable procedures. Do you allow third-party access to monitor product distribution records?
      Titan Solutions operate system control up to and including medical device standard if needed.

      6. Do you have a process to manage Product Recalls? If YES, please provide details of your Product Recall program, records maintained, and include applicable procedures.
      Yes. Once it has been determined that a product recall is necessary, the particular carrier involved will be notified by phone and email outlining the specific orders numbers to be returned. Returned goods are processed back into the warehouse under specific operational instructions relation to the nature of the recall.

      7. Do you have a process / system for the management of the Quality Status of each lot (batch) i.e. Approved / Quarantined / Rejected? If YES, please provide details of your Quality Status program, records maintained, and include any applicable procedures. Do you allow third-party access to monitor the quality status of the product in inventory?
      System controlled within WMS up to and including medical device standard if needed. Titan Solutions has adopted It Works! process for lot control and is incorporated into systems as per Nordics and EU requirements.

      8. Do you have a personnel hygiene program i.e. health monitoring, protective clothing etc.? If YES, please provide details of the program, records maintained, and include any applicable procedures.
      Titan Solutions personnel hygiene program has been completely updated and improved in line with COVID-19 risk management guidelines.

      9. Do you have a process / system for managing the environmental conditions of the facility i.e. temperature / humidity? If YES, please provide details of the program, records maintained, and include any applicable procedures. Please specify the ranges of your environmental conditions and include any special storage areas like refrigerated storage areas.
      Yes, Titan Solutions offer ambient and temperature-controlled solutions when requested.

      10. Do you have a facility pest control program? If YES, please provide details of the program, records maintained, and include any applicable procedures.
      Yes, Titan Solutions operate to ISO 9001:2015 standard.

      11. Do you have a facility maintenance and sanitation program i.e. to ensure cleanliness and integrity of walls, floors, ceilings etc.? If YES, please provide details of the program, records maintained, and include any applicable procedures.
      Yes, Titan Solutions standards have been completely revised, updated and improved in response to COVID-19.

      12. Do you perform any rework / reconditioning, or have any rework / reconditioning capabilities i.e. re-boxing of damaged packaging, ink-jet or laser date / lot coding? If YES, please provide details of the program, equipment, records maintained, and include any applicable procedures.
      Titan Solutions accommodate rework / reconditioning as current standard practice in Europe and Nordics. This includes repacking damaged material, returns, lot-coding, label printing, repacking, etc.

      13. Do you have a process / system for the management of product returns i.e. product returned due to damage, incorrect item, or incorrect address? If YES, please provide details of your returns program, records maintained, and include any applicable procedures.
      Yes, it is integrated with It Works! and Titan carrier system whereby goods are returned on a consolidated basis.

      14. Do you have an incoming quality inspection program i.e. evaluating product to ensure correct sku, qty, and no damage or contamination? If YES, please provide details of the program, records maintained, and include any applicable procedures.
      Yes, Titan Solutions can operate to the same standards as the European model. Titan Solutions do not take responsibility for technical qualifications unless clear instructions are received from It Works!.

      15. Do you have a process / system for ensure the safety and cleanliness of product shipment i.e. vehicle / container / trailer inspections for physical, chemical or biological hazards? If YES, please provide details of your program, records maintained, and include any applicable procedures.
      Titan Solutions operates strict carrier qualification and control procedures. Only carriers suitable for the product will be assigned as is the case currently operating in EU and Nordics.

      16. Do you have a process / system for crises and natural disaster management? If YES, please provide details of your program, records maintained, and include any applicable procedures.
      Titan Solutions maintains a business continuity plan and has the added advantage of using multiple carrier partners to respond quickly and effectively in the event of a major facility shut down. All other internal matters are identified and resolved under the day-to-day operations by individual partners in line with their business continuity plans unless otherwise requested by Titan Solutions.

      17. Do you have a process / system for security management i.e. visitor’s policy, access restrictions etc.? If YES, please provide details of your program, records maintained, and include any applicable procedures.
      Titan Solutions operates strict security protocols across all facilities. Where requested this includes secure lock up areas/cages, visitor, and employee restrictions on a case-by-case basis.

      6.7 Metrics & Guarantees

      1. What is your current fulfillment accuracy metric?
      Items picked, packed, and dispatched must match the order received.
      (Measurement: # of correctly fulfilled orders divided by # of total confirmed orders, data comes from customer service input log)

      2. How do you track fulfillment accuracy?
      Titan Solutions’ runs systems checks to identify any uncleared orders by end of day. Titan Solutions has the capability to guarantee 100% accuracy if all items are barcoded. In addition, Titan also tracks fulfillment using consumer feedback from It Works! in the event of any consumer complaints received back from the field.

      3. What is your current dock to stock (receiving) metric?
      Goods to be received, checked and put-away within 24 business hours from time of receipt.
      (Measurement: Time from transport POD to available stock in the WMS)

      4. How do you track dock to stock metric?
      Titan Solutions track through WMS.

      5. How do you track your current inventory accuracy?
      Titan Solutions tracks as directed by It Works! cycle count process.

      6. Do you have a guarantee to own replacement cost (inventory/return, fulfillment, and shipping) for errors?
      Yes, subject to the error being the result of negligence on the part of Titan Solutions or its partners.

      7. How do you measure and report SLAs and KPIs?
      Titan Solutions capture SLAs and KPIs through WMS and TMS reports as well as the Data Analytics dashboard. Sample of Data Analytics from EU business provided in Appendices.

      8. How do you account for product shrinkage/theft?
      Shrinkage Tolerances to be discussed as part of contractual negotiations. Titan Solutions operate to recognized industry standards.

      9. What are your security protocols?
      Titan Solutions security protocols include CCTV, restricted access, remote monitoring, personnel checks. All protocols have been heightened due to COVID-19 pandemic and the need to restrict unauthorized access and movement of people.

      6.8 Shipping Service Providers

      1. What carrier(s) do you currently use?
      Titan Solutions have access to a US and global Integrated Carrier networks through a single interface with options to expand to include Customer nominated carriers including International Mail Service Providers/FedEx/USPS/UPS/DHL.

      2. What type of address validation does the Transportation Carrier use?
      Titan solutions validates Postal Codes/Country Codes to International Standards. Titan is familiar with the challenges presented by address validation from experience with It Works! EU and will bring that experience to any US program.

      3. How frequently is address validation updated?
      As new information is provided by It Works!, address issues are resolved.

      4. Do you run through their platforms/software or TMS?
      Titan Solutions provide a fully integrated multi-carrier network. This system is connected into the carrier TMS to provide It Works! with a single user interface which provides flexible and interactive dashboards.

      5. How does each service provider handle returns? Are return rates included in base rates?
      Titan Solutions operate returns based on an agreed returns policy. This can range from individual returns to returns on a consolidated basis. Titan Solutions are happy to discuss and tailor to it Works! requirements in the US. Titan assumes this will not exceed the stated returns volume provided as part of the RFQ process.

      6. What is the provider’s delivery notification procedure?
      Titan Solutions TMS system has the ability to capture POD status from the carrier and relay this back to It Works!.

      7. Will we receive high-visibility into shipping practices? (Order statuses and custom documents)
      Yes, as described elsewhere all necessary information will be provided through customized dashboards and will be available on a real-time basis.

      Delivery Solutions Documents


      6.9 Standard & Custom Reporting

      1. What are the standard reports offered?
      Titan Solutions offer a full suite of reports including Inbound, Storage, Outbound, Kitting that can be tailored to It Works! US requirements and presented via interactive dashboard in real-time.

      2. Do you offer data mine to build reports? If no, do you offer report building? What fields are available?
      Yes, Titan Solutions offer data mining via the Analytics Tool and can either perform the mining on behalf of It Works! or Titan Solutions can train It Works! personnel. Alternatively, a combination of the two.

      Please refer to Appendix for a snapshot of data analytics dashboard.

      6.10 Reverse Logistics

      Titan possesses a wealth of Reverse Logistics knowledge and services to support our clients.

      1. What is the returns process?
      Titan Solutions operate a returns process as agreed with It Works! Europe. This can be modified to accommodate US specific requirements.

      2. How do you do quality verification? Resalable condition?
      Quality will inspect and disposition the goods on return to the warehouse. In the event of any exceptions to returning the stock through a warehouse location, these will be notified to It Works! for final disposition. Regarding resalable condition, Titan Solutions operate to the specifications provided by It Works! governing what qualifies product as resalable. Titan Solutions have built up a body of knowledge to manage this activity in line with It Works! requirements.

      3. What is your dock to stock process time?
      Return order processing within 24 business hours from time to receipt
      (Measurement: Timestamp from return order receipt from transport POD to timestamp of return order processed into It Works! UI and partner WMS)

      4. Do you notate method and reason for return?
      Yes however, Titan Solutions work closely with It Works! to ensure all returns have been approved in advance.

      5. How do you handle lot/version control for returns?
      Yes, Titan Solutions have the ability from a system point of view to reconcile goods returned to the warehouse assuming the goods are contained within their original packaging.

      6. How is inventory adjusted back in? What is the frequency for these adjustments?
      Stock is adjusted back into stock on a weekly basis after the consolidated returns process is complete, or after the weekly cycle count if required (approval from It Works! required).

      7. Are you able to do repackaging and reconditioning?
      Yes, Titan Solutions provide a range of value-add services including repackaging, relabeling and a variety of other services requirements that may arise from time to time.

      8. What is your escalation procedure for returns with questions (missing info)?
      Titan Solutions currently operate a procedure with It Works! EU whereby they confirm authorized returns requests and/or Titan Solutions inform It Works! of goods awaiting collection that are likely to be returned.

      9. What is your auditing process for returns processing?
      Titan Solutions apply receiving inspection checks including visual, paperwork, and will report damaged goods to It Works! with photographic evidence.

      6.11 Special Processing & Kitting

      1. Are you able to do split orders?
      Yes, Titan Solutions manage this functionality through the WMS.

      2. Are you able to split kit-on-the-fly items?
      Yes, Titan Solutions’ WMS supports a variety of BOM and order processing options including splitting of kitting orders.

      3. How do you quote kitting?
      Titan Solutions quote kits by kit type; box assembly, gift-packs, customized or mixed sku kits. As part of any quotation process, Titan Solutions apply lean thinking including calculation of takt.

      4. Time study/piece rate or standard warehouse labor rate?
      Titan Solutions build up a comprehensive model of time studies and line-balancing based on lean concepts.

      5. What volume of kit building can you support?
      Titan Solutions do not foresee kit building restrictions as there is flexibility to disconnect kitting from the regular fulfilment activity and perform elsewhere. Normally Titan Solutions would run kitting offline and feed into the pack-out line if other standard products are required as part of the kitting exercise.

      6. What is your standard warehouse labor rate?
      See pricing table for reference.

      6.12 Order Delivery & Tracking

      1. Are there any rate limits on sending orders?
      Order rates are tied to volume of orders, weight and service transit time requested.

      2. When shipment and tracking data is passed to It Works! can it be throttled? Will the system reattempt to send if a transmission fails?
      Titan Solutions have a wide range of information that is provided to IT Works! in Europe and it is understood this can be tailored to the US requirements through Titan’s integrated dashboard capabilities.

      3. Is tracking order wide, or can tracking be pushed on a per item basis?
      Titan Solutions support tracking at shipment and item level assuming there is a reference number available on the item.

      4. Can fulfillment side duplicate order checks be implemented?
      Yes, Titan Solutions operate this within Europe.

      5. Can SKU be automatically exploded into other items?
      Titan Solutions have the ability to systematically to track multiple parts with nay particular SKU within the relationship of a BOM.

      6. Can any SKU translation take place fulfillment side?
      Yes, based on the above.

      6.13 Backorders

      1. Can backorders be handled internally?
      Yes, through system. The system can capture backorders and catapult them to the head of the queue once the require materials are made available.

      2. On tracking push back, can full order details be pushed back to indicate backorder/shipped status per line item?
      Yes, it is system driven by line item.

      3. Can alerts be given upon backorder status being resolved to trigger re-push of backordered items?
      Yes, once stock becomes available. It is system driven.

      4. How do you handle replacement of items in kits that are backordered?
      If an item in a kit is on backorder, stock for the other items in the kit can be allocated to that order. This ensures that stock is available to complete the kit when the backorder item becomes available.

      6.14 Inventory Reporting

      1. Can inventory be remotely monitored? (Via what means: special web site, RDP, API?)
      Yes, through an integrated and interactive KPI dashboard with real-time information.

      2. Can activity reporting be accessed via API interface?
      Yes, same as above.

      3. Can return processing reports be accessed via API?
      Yes, same as above.

      6.15 Order Status Management

      1. Can order status be checked live via API (to validate if order is shipped, being picked, has backordered items, etc.)?
      Yes, live updates available to all parties as per EU solution. Live tracking is available via TMS right through from Pick to Delivery.

      2. Can an order be cancelled via API?
      Yes, if cancelled on it Works! system it will transfer automatically to Titan Solutions WMS.

      3. Can an order’s ship method be altered via API or other means after acceptance?
      Yes, Titan Solutions can facilitate altered order requests to a determined cut-off point.

      4. Can an order address be modified after acceptance?
      Yes, address validation is standard functionality currently on offer within EU and Nordic solution.

      6.16 Limitations

      settings icon1. Do our SKUs need to be unique fulfillment company wide, or just within our own company?
      Titan Solutions fully support European operations today and assume that meets It Works! requirements in this regard.

      2. Field Size Limits. What limits are on address lines and product descriptions, etc.?
      Yes, same as above.


      6.17 IT Questions

      1. What is the size of your IT team? Is it in-house or outsourced?
      Titan Solutions operate a centralized support team out of Ireland with application and service through remote partners. Total technical resources assigned to the It Works! program will be 5 specialists including a solutions architect, PM, TMS & WMS developers, and Network support. The PM will act as the interface to these specialists and any other site specialists assigned from our partner warehouses.

      2. What are your web interface capabilities (Rest API, WCF SOAP, FTP, etc.)?
      Titan Solutions use standard interface formats to both import and export data from databases. Titan Solutions use web interface specialists to transform these interface formats to those required by the customer. Consequently, Titan Solutions web interface capabilities are unlimited as these specialists can transform to any file format/interface protocol.

      3. Do you utilize multiple environments (Production, Test, Quality, etc.)?
      Yes, Development, Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Production. Titan Solutions operate a controlled and disciplined PMO office as demonstrated through the onboarding of the European business.

      6.18 Company Background & Experience

      1. What has been, on average, your company’s annual revenue, for the past three years? [“Company” – please respond for overall group and related affiliates globally; not just local entity]
      As a privately held company, Titan Solutions does not publish its company financials, however, Titan Bona Fides can be confirmed through an independent financial auditor of Titan’s choosing, if required. This year, Titan Solutions celebrates its 10th year operating and already have a solid track record of performance including a 2-year trading history with IT Works! in Europe.

      2. Please list all major shareholders / controllers of the parent group entity
      The major shareholder is Paul Collins, CEO.

      3. How many full-time employees have you based in (a) USA (b) Europe (c) Mexico (d) Canada (e) Rest of the World [please specify countries if applicable]
      Considering the seasonal nature of some customer programs, Titan Solutions employs approximately 190 FTE’s.

      4. Please list the number of years experience and number of existing clients your company has in B2C, ecommerce, MLM, or direct selling to end retail customer.
      Titan Solutions currently support close to 100 customer accounts across all our industry verticals and is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this year. In addition, Titan Solutions’ workforce is drawn from a variety of tier-1 carriers and/or contract providers bringing considerable knowledge and expertise to the It Works! business.

      5. What unique value-added propositions can your company offer to It Works! in delivering product directly to end customers
      Titan Solutions are uniquely positioned due to previous knowledge of It Works! business model built up in Europe over the last few years. Titan Solutions can scale its end-to-end technology platform to the US market using this experience. This experience includes the smooth and efficient onboarding, systems configuration including Master File set up, etc., and manpower planning including recruitment and training to meet the specific needs of IT Works! particularly spikes in volume around the 25th of each month (Autoship).

      The opportunity to combine Europe and USA within a single eCommerce partner technology ecosystem is unrivalled in its ease of scale, implementation, and breadth of carrier connectivity. The resulting end-to-end visibility which Titan Solutions’ integrated dashboards provide allows significant value to It Works! in the form of much more proactive consumer engagement and superior decision making.

      Looking to the future, Titan Solutions digital centric ecosystem is a significant platform from which It Works! US will be positioned to operate and proper within the fast-emerging digital economy.

      6. Does your company have any ISO or externally accreditations related to quality assurance? If so, please specify and provide copies of any such certificates or letters.
      Yes, Titan Solutions are ISO9001:2015 certified and awaiting formal confirmation of ISO13485 (Medical Device) following an audit earlier this month.

      7. Does your company have any external accreditations related to lean operations or Six Sigma? If so, please specify and provide copies of any such certificates or letters.
      Yes. Titan Solutions use an external training company called DCM, a lean training and deployment service provider. These programs are run virtually and regularly as Titan’s lean methodology continues to gain customer interest and engagement. The team in Europe is in the process of deploying improved lean methodology and performance enhancements for the European business operations based on the latest round of training currently undergoing at Titan.

      7. Contact Details

      Rob Rae

      Rob Rae

      Business Development US

      1234 Wrights Lane, West Chester, PA 19380, USA



      8. Appendix

      8.1 Appendix A - Industry Publications

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      Corporate Excellence Awards 2020 – Ireland’s most innovative supply chain technology firm
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      8.2 Appendix B - It Works! Order Detail Summary 2020

      8.3 Appendix C - Additional Information