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How Titan Solutions can create value for Revlon Inc.

Dear Debra,

Titan Solutions is a digital centric supply chain service provider. As specialists in digital supply chain transformation, we recognise the continuing solid momentum of Revlon towards more sustainable levels of business performance. We also understand the guiding principle of business value creation to grow and earn a return on capital over and above your cost of capital, thereby maximizing Revlon’s value to current and future shareholders.

Despite the many and varied challenges you continue to navigate day to day, your ability to create the desired value hinges on ROIC, revenue growth, and your ability to sustain both over time. It is only when ROIC exceeds cost of capital will growth increase Revlon’s value. I have included some ideas here to stimulate a conversation on capturing hidden freight and fulfilment efficiencies as well as cost reductions through our digital platforms and managed service programs.

We are an award-winning digital supply chain transformation and related services provider, with a host of cutting-edge solutions including our globally connected e-2-e digital fulfilment and distribution network. Our digital transformation services range from technology platform access to full turnkey 4PL support for B2B/B2C including eCommerce. These services come equipped with comprehensive program management, logistics partner selection, systems integration and logistics operations management support (depending upon the choice of service) as well as, complexity and scale of change required. While headquartered in Ireland, our US office is in Philadelphia.

Unlike other service providers we commit all our programs on a cost neutral basis and come equipped with experienced change agents to compliment and, where necessary, help impart new knowledge and skills to your teams.

I believe there is considerable merit in exploring Titan’s service offering without obligation and invite you and your team to schedule a virtual tour to see:

  • The scale and depth of our transformational change,
  • Our supply chain operations management experience,
  • Our award-winning technology,
  • How we can compress lead times and cost profiles for a truly competitive service model and differentiated consumer experience.


Yours truly,

Julian Carroll

V.P. Service Solutions



Introduce Titan Solutions and showcase our global eCommerce fulfillment & distribution network powered by Digital Supply Chain technologies, processes and subject matter expertise


Our Omnichannel applications, API strategy and global eCommerce Network facilitate a seamless extension of your fulfillment, delivery and returns business model through our strategic global locations


How Titan can create value for Revlon Inc.

Digital transformation know-how and expertise

Lean mindset for operational, cost and capital performance improvements

Cutting edge technology integration tools for rapid deployment at scale

Storage Divider with Items Graphic Icon

Fully integrated global eComm fulfilment network and buying power

Tailored programs for High, Medium or Low cost potential

Attainable Standards of Performance

Revlon vs Peer comps

How Titan Solutions can create value for Revlon Inc.

For the purpose of modelling potential freight/fulfillment cost reductions we assume a 2% YOY Revenue growth to 2026

We have modeled 3 scenarios: High, Medium & Low freight/fulfillment cost potential

Present Value of Potential Savings (Calculated on a per share basis)

Present Value of Potential Savings (Worksheet)

eCommerce Service Offering

Cloud Technology

1. Connect

Connect your store, import your products, and send your inventory to us

ecommerce store

2. Store

We store your inventory in our fulfilment centres around the globe

eCommerce ship icon

3. Ship

We pick, pack and ship as soon as a customer places an order

Parcel Tracking Icon

4. Track & Trace

Track orders from start to finish from one platform for maximum efficiency and transparency

ecommerce returns icon

5. Returns

Reverse Logistics functionality – efficient return options based on business requirements

Data Analytics

6. Data Analytics

View key insights and react quickly with our advanced, real-time data analytics


We are Internationally Recognized

We Work Hard Because We Want to Bring the World Closer 


CIO Applications – Top 10 Procurement consulting services in Europe 2019

Corporate Excellence Awards 2020 – Ireland’s most innovative supply chain technology firm

Logistics Tech Outlook – Top freight management consulting company 2019


Certified quality performance standards



Flexible Digital Supply Chain Technology that creates value, not complexity. We seamlessly integrate with your systems using API 

Make Titan a part of your Digital Transformation