6 Benefits of a Warehouse Management System (WMS)

A warehouse management system, or WMS, is software that assists businesses in managing and controlling everyday warehouse operations, from the minute goods and resources enter a distribution or fulfillment centre until they leave.

6 Benefits of a WMS

1. Tracking inventory

Warehouse management tracking comes in handy when it comes to managing incoming and outbound stock. When receiving deliveries, you can scan goods and batches to track how much has arrived in comparison to the amount you ordered. Then, once an item has been dispatched, it can be scanned again to modify stock levels.

2. Improving customer service

A warehouse management system (WMS) reduces inventory paperwork by allowing reports, pickup tickets, move tickets, and packing lists to be stored electronically. Product availability may be more accurately assessed, offering customers more realistic delivery dates, reducing customer complaints, and improving overall customer service by expediting operations from order through delivery.

3. Warehouse personnel reduced

A WMS system can help your warehouse run more efficiently by standardising inventory movements, picking procedures, inventory placements, as well as minimising error rates and training expenses. It can also aid in stock flow optimisation using an automatic replenishment system.

4. Offers real time inventory data

The data from a warehouse management system provides personnel with the inventory information they require when they require it. A WMS can read serial numbers and track each item from the moment it enters the warehouse until it leaves the floor.

5 Reducing operating costs

A warehouse management system can also assist a company in lowering its costs. The cost of running a warehouse is reduced if employees can use a WMS to determine the optimal locations for items, commodities, and equipment.

6. Optimised supply chain

A WMS improves the internal operations of a warehouse, which may subsequently be extended to the rest of the supply chain. It automates the whole warehouse process, from inbound receipts to outbound deliveries, increasing operating efficiencies and lowering costs. By lowering or eliminating redundant or non-productive activities, warehouse staff can achieve rapid and precise shipments.


Why does a company need a WMS?

For increased order fulfilment and inventory accuracy, a WMS allows you to track every unit down to the smallest level of detail. Inventory management becomes faster, easier, and more efficient with a Warehouse Management solution.


Why Titan?

Our enterprise grade WMS integrates with multiple systems providing you with an end-to-end management of your warehousing and fulfilment service solutions. All information is available through a single user interface, from customer ERP through to fulfilment, last mile, and POD. All programs go through a rigorous planning and deployment process under the direction of our PMO and onboarding teams.