Ireland as a Gateway to Europe

Looking to enter Europe or redevelop your existing EU presence?

From cross-border corporate structuring, logistics programs, warehousing and fulfilment services, to European supplier and contract manufacturing matchmaking, Titan makes your expansion into Europe seamless and hassle-free.

  • Pick, pack and ship within 24 hours.
  • Real time Track & Trace through our interactive data analytics dashboard
  • Global connectivity through a 250+ carrier network
  • Manage multi carriers and multi-channel distribution models from one dashboard
  • Reverse logistics solution
  • Streamlined management of customs clearance, duties and VAT
  • Fully support B2C and B2B service models
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Why Ireland?


Most familiar business climate in Europe to the USA

Talent – Young, Educated and Dynamic

Efficient Visa Process with Historical links to USA

Only EU country with English as the national language

Fiscal Advantage

Fastest growing economy in the Eurozone

Member of the EU Single Market and the Eurozone

Multiple grants available for development

12.5% corporation tax

A-grade credit rating



Wide Range of Business Sectors

Supported by Dynamic Business Environment

World class educational infrastructure

Top 15 most innovative countries in the world

European Base

Set up in Ireland = Access to all the EU

Europe is the same size as the North America

Tax treaties with 72 countries

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Looking for a European Logistics Partner?

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