Our Technology Ecosystem

Innovative technology is at the forefront of our products and services. We use a modular approach within our digital supply chain platforms (TMS, WMS and Data Analytics) to provide cutting-edge supply chain solutions that are cost-effective, robust, and transparent.

Digital supply chain

What is Digital Supply Chain?

Digital Supply Chain is the result of technology platforms being applied to every aspect of the end-to-end supply chain. Connectivity between systems is at the heart of this digital revolution and is facilitated by an increase of enabling and disruptive technologies as well as rising customer demand for supply chains to be faster, more flexible, more granular, more accurate and more efficient.

This end-to-end real time connectivity is achieved through fully integrated systems inclusive of all supply chain functions and business analytics including interactive performance management tools.

Digital Supply Chain Technology Tools

Our end-to-end process is supported by our robust digital supply chain technology tools creating a connected ecosystem

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Data Analytics

Analytics can add powerful insights and value to your supply chain by offering more visibility into supply chain management all through a single dashboard.

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Transport Management System

Acting as a Control Tower, our TMS interfaces data from multiple systems and consolidates all information into one view offering you flexibility, efficiency, and cost transparency at every step of the process.

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Warehouse Management System

Our enterprise grade WMS integrates with multiple systems providing you with an end-to-end management of your warehousing and fulfilment service solutions.

Our Digital Supply Chain technology empowers your business to…

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Breakthroughs towards     “Digital Fitness”

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Carrier Network Operation and Performance Management

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Full supply chain visibility through a single dashboard

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Simplification of customer experience

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Control carrier performance via integrated control tower and round the clock support

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Improve service and cost performance using integrated data analytics and booking allocation rules

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Connect and standardise multiple carrier networks within a single platform

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Deploy at scale through standard API protocols with accompanying technical support