Ireland’s performance as a hub for Foreign Direct Investment base in Europe is unmatched. With businesses facing a complex and uncertain world, Ireland offers you a stable, competitive, secure, and pro-business economy. Explore it’s capabilties and how Titan can support you. 

Its geographical location, as well as its EU and euro membership make it an excellent base from which to access the largest markets. Ireland has a track record of attracting world-class established and high-growth multinational corporations from all over the worl. One-third of multinationals in Ireland have been operating in the country for more than 20 years.

Reasons to invest in IRE

Why should Ireland be your European base?

Ireland is the fastest growing economy in the Eurozone 

Ireland’s gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to be more than 20% higher this year than it was before the pandemic, making it the fastest-growing economy among all rating sovereigns during that time.

Low tax rate

The corporation tax rate is 12.5 percent, which is one of the lowest rates in the world.

In addition, Ireland also has tax treaties with over 70 countries.

Availability of skills / English speaking workforce

Ireland is the eurozone’s sole English-speaking country. Furthermore, studies reveal that half a million Irish individuals can fluently speak a second foreign language, making Ireland an attractive centre for businesses looking for a European base.

Leading industries

There are many leading industries that are represented in Ireland – see chart below. Ireland has a developing reputation for scientific brilliance and is a world leader in producing and using new knowledge for economic and social improvement.

Life Sciences Leader

Ireland has evolved into a global hub for biopharmaceutical manufacturing and research. In 2019, it was ranked the fifth largest exporter of pharmaceuticals globally with exports of €80 billion and recently Irish based companies are receiving recognition for the crucial role they played in both the national and international response to the coronavirus pandemic. From personal protective equipment, ventilators, diagnostic tests, other critical medical supplies and vaccines.

Screenshot 2022-04-26 091126How we can help

We provide a one-stop service for companies looking to enter Europe or redevelop your existing EU presence.

From cross-border corporate structuring, logistics programs, warehousing and fulfilment services to European supplier and contract manufacturing, Titan makes your expansion into Europe seamless and hassle-free.

icons 2 (57)-1Streamlined management of customs clearance, duties and VAT

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250+ multi carrier network within the EU

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Experts on achieving CE Mark certification and other European standards


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Helping you manage capacity

We provide flexible fulfillment options that help you handle fluctuating demand from week to week. Our 4PL technology and multi-carrier network enable you to scale to meet short-term fluctuations as well as long-term growth.

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Helping you meet customer requirements

Customers now have higher expectations, and they will continue to do so in the future. We can pick, pack, and ship within 24 hours thanks to our global network. We offer complete track and trace capabilities, backed up by real-time data analytics supported by a 250+ carrier network.

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Helping you minimise complexity

When a global supply chain is implemented, inventory management, order processing, and delivery all become more complicated. We make omnichannel supply chain easier by offering a fully integrated end-to-end solution. From a single centralised dashboard, manage multiple carriers, multi-channel distribution strategies, and conventional sales.