Implementing the correct distribution partner strategy may make or break your company. However, selecting the right partner may be a difficult process, and you want one that makes the most sense for your company’s size, audience, and products as picking the wrong partner could result in a drop in sales and profitability.

What is a distribution partner?

A distribution partner is anyone who has been granted permission by the merchant to promote, distribute, resell, or take any other action necessary to make the merchant’s goods and services available to a larger market.

Why consider a distribution partner?

A distribution partner can help alleviate some of the many supply challenges fac8ing businesses nowadays. Here are a few examples:

  • Inventory management control
    It is crucial to have complete control over your inventory, from receiving supplies through shipping orders to clients. Unmanaged stock counts, cost price variations, and a lack of stock position visibility can have serious repercussions.
  • Demanding customers and prospects
    The fact that consumers and prospects are becoming more demanding as the years go by is one of the biggest problems that most distributors are now facing. The primary cause of this is that the younger generation, which practically grew up in the digital age, has finally attained levels of demand and authority at every firm in the fiercely competitive global marketplace.
  • Data
    One of the most significant resources accessible to the distribution industry is now data. However, relying on manual processes and outdated technologies makes it impossible to manage the massive amounts of data that are generated every day from an organisational perspective meaning, modern supply chains are under pressure to act quicky.

Reasons why a company should use a distributor

Customer exposure

The development and management of a network of profitable retail locations is one of a distributor’s primary responsibilities. Numerous distributors also provide specialty stores that can speak to a particular target market. When you work with a distributor, you can access a niche target market or a mainstream market to increase your client exposure without having to conduct any necessary market research.

Market research

Regular business dealings between distributors and retailers’ clients, who then sell to your end users, take place. A distributor can gather the information you need from your end consumers on your behalf if you need to do market research on an existing product or gain feedback on fresh concepts you are developing. This enables you to use a distributor’s extensive retail clientele network to stay current on customer preferences.


A producer seeking to increase the market reach of their products can find a ready-made audience of retail customers in any market by using distributors. A global distributor can locate a network of European retail stores and provide you with the information if your business has decided to try to compete in the European market.